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Position Education Quantity Place Date
  • 1. Assist the senior project manager to lead the team to develop and carry out the project; conduct preliminary investigations on the project, collect and organize relevant data, and provide suggestions for the decision-making level;
    2. Communicate well with customers, effectively communicate, evaluate and process customer information and requirements, organize the team to effectively propose solutions, and continuously improve the plan based on customer suggestions and requirements;
    3. Analyze and feedback project costs and benefits to ensure reasonable, stable and continuously rising project benefits;
    4. Initiate the project, formulate project goals and project schedule;
    5. Coordinate the work of various departments to ensure that customer needs and production goals are met or exceeded;
    6. After the project is delivered, follow up on the customer site in time and communicate with the customer, manage the problems, risks and changes in the project, and deal with risk problems in a timely manner; issue project work reports to enable the management team to understand the project progress more effectively;
    7. Improve customer satisfaction, promote project acceptance, promote duplicate orders and more new orders;
    8. Further communicate with customers;
    9. Assist other daily work related to projects and products 
  • 1. Responsible for the implementation of the company's quality policy and quality objectives, and the operation and maintenance of the company's quality management system;
    2. Responsible for the formulation and implementation of the company's various quality systems, the implementation and promotion of quality activities;
    3. Responsible for the daily work of the quality department, responsible for personnel work arrangements, ensuring that the work can be completed in time and responsible for supervision and assessment;
    4. Responsible for the formulation and implementation of incoming materials, manufacturing processes, shipping quality standards, and inspection specifications
    5. Responsible for the handling of the company's quality abnormalities, and cooperate with the marketing department in response to customer complaints and returns and customer audits;
    6. Collection, advocacy, response of quality information, analysis and control of quality cost;
    7. Continuously improve the formulation and supervision of related work;
    8. Other tasks assigned by the leader 

    1. College degree or above, major in culture, machinery or mold-related.
    2. More than five years of working experience in the plastic mold industry, more than three years of work experience in the same position or years of quality management work experience.
    3. Familiar with plastic mold structure and basic process flow of mold making. Understand the basic operating procedures of ISO9000, and have received ISO9000 quality management system training.
    4. Able to simply use Auto-CAD, UG or Pro/E drawing software, understand drawings, and be familiar with related tools and instruments for quality measurement
    5. Strong organizational leadership, coordination and communication skills, and team spirit 
  • 1. Meticulous thinking, clear logic, stable emotions; good communication awareness and communication skills;
    2. Have more than 3 years of quality control experience in injection molding products, and be able to skillfully identify and prosecute quality reasons for common injection molding quality problems;
    3. Familiar with commonly used quality control methods, and have a relatively skilled application of process data statistics, QC seven techniques, and continuous improvement of lean production;
    4. Familiar with the ISO9001 system, with experience in promotion and implementation; 
  • 1. According to the company's business strategy and annual business plan, comprehensively formulate the work objectives of the mold department and organize the implementation;
    2. Responsible for the establishment, optimization and adjustment of various management systems and processes of the department to improve department efficiency and reduce costs;
    3. According to the company's quality system requirements, strictly control the quality of products in the mold department;
    4. According to the forecast, actual and reasonable production plan of the customer's order, and organize the release and production;
    5. Inspect and guide the implementation of the production plan to complete the production tasks with quality and quantity to ensure delivery;
    6. Improve the organizational structure of the mold department, allocate personnel in a scientific and reasonable manner, and conduct effective assessment and management of personnel according to job skill requirements;
    7. Do a good job in horizontal contact with other departments and external partners. 

    1. College degree or above, major in business management, machinery manufacturing, mold design or related science and engineering;
    2. More than 10 years of production management coordination experience in the injection mold industry, and more than 3 years of work experience as a manufacturing manager;
    3. Proficient in injection mold technology, maintenance of various equipment; proficient in modern mold manufacturing management process;
    4. Familiar with ISO9001 and other management systems, and have received training on system management system knowledge;
    6. Good communication and coordination skills, good at solving on-site problems;
    7. Strong charisma and cohesion, strong sense of responsibility. 
  • 1)College degree or above, major in marketing or mechanical mold.
    2)With good moral character and professional dedication.
    3)More than two years in molding and mold industry development.
    4)Have abundant customer resource and professional customer service level.
    5)Good at English listening, speaking, reading and writing.
    Treatment: basic salary + performance fee, annual salary of more than 200,000RMB.

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